Fusion. Let's sing.

On Wednesday I attended my first Fusion club. Fusion is a club that meets weekly in churches across the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, and Ukraine. In the Czech Republic specifically, Fusion is serving in at least 10 churches/cities (to my knowledge at this point). I am excited to get more involved with the one I am attending at my church in Ostrava and to begin to build some solid relationships with students and leaders. This is a club that is outreach focused. Fusion offers an opportunity for kids to be exposed to the gospel. Half way through the evening we take a break to hear a devotion that someone has prepared which opens the door for deeper conversations after club and later throughout the week. Fusion is a contact ministry where relationships can be established and built with the hope of getting kids plugged into small groups, the church, and a personal relationship with Jesus!

Q: What do you do at Fusion? A: We sing and have fun.

Fusion is a rock choir club. We practice popular pop and rock songs on a weekly basis in preparation for a concert that the group will perform at the end of a certain amount of time (multiple months). A typical night at Fusion involves, practicing the vocal parts, choreography, and instrumental parts.  Kids from all over the city come to club to be a part of this.  It is a blast of a time! Click HERE for more information about Fusion in Czech.