The river and Czech friends.

This past Sunday was quite a warm day in Ostrava (the city that I live in here in Czech). I am pretty sure we hit the mid 70's at least. The weather here has definitely turned the corner and fall has made it's presence known. Leaves are beginning to accumulate more and more on the ground and the air is much more brisk. So when I was able to wear flip flops and a tank top on Sunday after church, I was pretty happy. To celebrate the last bit of warm weather that we will experience in Czech for a while, my roommate Josh and I joined some friends to hang out at the river on the outskirts of town. I brought my camera along and snapped some photos at the river and along the walk back into town. Currently I am experimenting with the double exposure feature on the Canon 5D Mark iii. Fun fun fun. Continue to stay tuned for photos from Norway and JV Kids Camp!