The Mondays.

As dreadful as Mondays seem sometimes, it has become a day that I actually really look forward too. Most Monday evenings (when schedules permit), I get to meet with group of men who are all missionaries with Josiah Venture. We meet together to talk about life, how our ministries are going, and how we are growing in the Lord on a week to week basis. For simple reasons, we just call this "guys night." Some of the dudes are single (like myself), and some of them are married with a full nest of kids. It's great because our discussions end up being very well balanced due to the fact that everyone is coming from different points of life. This helps to make some great conversations! From week to week we will usually trade off for who's house we gather at. Tonight we met at my place (the house of the family I am house sitting for). I was excited and thankful to host. Over the last few weeks I have been gathering ingredients to make chicken tacos. We prepared everything tonight to have them. Doing this was probably one of the better decisions I have made in a long time....especially deciding to add the extra verde sauce on the last taco. Vynikající! Mexican food is not as easy to come by here in the Czech Republic as in the states. In a restaurant or the ingredients in the grocery store. So tonight was a real treat for sure! On top of experiencing some great food with good friends, we got to have some really intentional conversation about things we have been learning and growing through. We sat out in the backyard by the fire, drank tea, shared, and prayed for one another. We even called another guy on the phone to pray for him because he couldn't make it out tonight. Prayer is such a special gift from the Lord. I was encouraged from the time with my brothers and I look forward to growing more with them while we walk alongside each other in this journey in the Czech Republic. Please pray for us if you think of it. That our group would be a place of openness, accountability, deep friendship, and growth closer to Christ. 

L: Jonathan (roommate)  R: John (graphic design and accordion player for JV)

L: Jonathan (roommate)

R: John (graphic design and accordion player for JV)

PS. We have plans to start going through Galatians together and walking through some Tim Keller curriculum! Woohoo!